Screen Repair, Water Damage, Charging Port Replacement, and more

Phone Screen Repair

We specialize in phone and tablet component replacement

  • Replace broken digitizers
  • Replace broken LCD screens
  • Replace frames
  • Replace microphones
  • Replace earphones
  • Replace buttons
  • Replace charging ports
  • Replace batteries
  • Soldering on mobile and other devices (motherboards, charging ports, etc)
  • Water Damage Repair

We evaluate your device for free and give you an accurate quote on the price of the repairs needed to get your phone or tablet back in shape

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Phone Water Damage

Is your phone not working after dropping it in liquid or exposing it to moisture? We have the solution for you. After you notice moisture exposure or water damage, please see us immediately to prevent further damage to your device. We have professional equipment to fix your phone and eliminate moisture. Most shops charge a fixed Diagnostic fee or Bench fee regardless of outcome. We believe that this method leaves the customer unsure if anything was even done to repair the device so we implemented a “No Fix No Charge” policy that gives our customers the peace of mind that we’ve done everything possible to save your device from an unfortunate event. Also we’ve invested in the best equipment and chemicals in the industry and have trained with the best in the country on water damage specific repairs. We’ve maximized our success rate by acquiring industrial grade ultrasonic cleaners, desoldering RFI/EMI shields on the board to be able to properly clean and inspect all components allowing us to reflow any components that have been compromised.

If you notice water damage and can’t get to us right away, make sure you turn off your phone right away and pull the battery if possible. Even if your device is still working, if there has been liquid or moisture in your device, corrosion will grow and spread possibly bridging critical components and it can short circuit and render the device completely inoperable.

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Phone Accessories

At TechRX, we not only repair your device, but also provide a wide range of accessories. From screen protectors, earphones, and chargers to stands, car mounts, and cases – we have everything in stock to add the extra class to your valuable device.

All of our parts and accessories are OEM level replacement parts and high quality accessories to go with your device.

Phone Carriers

At TechRX, we work on devices from all carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, and many more.

We work on all phones from all manufacturers, such as Apple iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Asus, Motorola, LG, Pantech, and many more. Do you have any old phones that are broken and need replacement parts and screens? We can order original high quality replacement parts for you and have them in stock the next day!

The Right Tools For Your Device. Every Time.

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The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Our tools and equipment meet the highest industry standards to protect your device. Low quality tools can permanently damage your phone and shorten your motherboard.

Cheaper Than Most Insurance Plans

Insurance carriers offer low monthly fees to protect your device, but often require a co-payment for device replacements. Skip the fees and get your phone repaired with TechRX.

Same Day Quick Service. Promised.

We have all common replacement parts and screens in stock to get your phone repaired the same day – often in 2 hours or less. Shipping options available on request.

Corporate Accounts. Avenues To Help Your Business

Easy Business Solutions

Our Corporate Business Account Plans will help your business by providing repair service to all your company issued devices.

Pick Up | SHIP | Drop Off

Simply drop off your business issued devices, ship them to us or arrange for monthly pick-up’s. We’ll take care of the rest.

Same Day Repairs

We will repair your company issued devices and get them back to your employees immediately to keep their productivity at a steady level


We will ship your company issued tablets and phones back to you, arrange for pick-up’s or schedule delivery from our technicians.