TechRX‘s Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have three locations throughout Middle Georgia. Our retail locations are in Warner Robins, Macon, and Dublin. In all three locations, we keep our replacement parts in stock, usually repair your phone or tablet within 30 minutes or less, and offer the same great customer service. All repairs are done on site by our certified technicians.

Contrary to popular belief placing your phone or tablet in rice is not a solution for water damage. What occurs when the soft metals in an electronic device is exposed to liquid/moisture is called oxidation and is activated with oxygen so actually leaving the device wet and not drying with rice, silica, charcoal, blowdryer etc. will increase our chance of success. We’ve experienced a 99% success rate if the device is brought to us dripping water and hasn’t been plugged into power. Even if your device is completely dry and seems to be working normal the corrosion on the board slowly transforms from a white fuzz like substance that is conductive and can bridge two critical components creating a short to a dark black corrosion that eats away at the soft metal board connector’s legs and pads on the motherboard making it unrepairable. The best action is turning the device off if it hasn’t already, removing the battery if possible and bringing it to us as soon as possible. *REMEMBER TO NEVER PLUG INTO POWER which will reduce chance of success. We have the absolute best experience, training and equipment to repair your liquid damaged device at TechRx.

We provide cell phone and tablet repair services locally in the Warner Robins, GA area, including Houston County, Peach County, and Bibb County covering Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, Centerville, Kathleen, Fort Valley, Hawkinsville, Dublin, Eastman, Lizella, and many more cities in Central Georgia. Through our convenient shipping option you are able to ship your device to us, let us do the repairs the day we receive it, and we ship your item back to you.

Yes, we have a great selection of accessories in stock to go along with your device. We carry Otterbox, Ballistic and LifeProof cases. We also carry our own brand Tempered Glass Screen Protectors with a unique LIFETIME warranty along with earphones, stands, mounts, batteries, chargers and sync cables.

ESD SafetyAt TechRX, we only use the highest grade equipment to ensure proper functioning of your device. Cheap equipment can harm your device and shorten your motherboard. Our equipment meets the highest standards and we guarantee that it will not harm your electronic devices and components. We also practice ESD Safety (Electrostatic Discharge), which prevents the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact. Many electronic components, especially microchips, can be damaged by ESD. Sensitive components always need to be protected during repairs.

We accept all major credit cards and cash payments.

TechRX has programs in place to dispose of broken parts. We recycle all of our broken parts that cannot be used elsewhere to ensure proper disposal and elimination of eWaste. eWaste has a major impact on our environment. At TechRX, our goal is to minimize the impact and do everything we can to provide our community with a healthier environment.

Yes, at TechRX we offer plans for businesses that provide company issued devices to their employees. Please contact Pete Ferrer at (478) 333-6163 to set up your business on our coporate business plan.

We are not offering phone customization at TechRX. In order to provide the best products and functioning devices, we only use original OEM quality products to replace screens and parts. However, we do have a wide selection of phone and tablet accessories as well as pre-owned and refurbished phones for sale.

Yes, you can download and print the TechRX Prescription Form here.

In order for TechRX to release your device, all charges have to be paid in full.

It always depends on your device. We replace the LCD screen and glass for every new device. Prices in our store section of the website are for LCD and glass replacements.

Pricing continuously changes and depends on each model. Please refer to our store section for accurate pricing / screen replacements for your device.

Most devices are repaired within 1-2 hours, depending on the business load. We have all parts for Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung Note & Galaxy, and other common brands in stock. If we do not have the part for your device in stock, we will order one for you and get your phone repaired as soon as we receive the replacement part.

Yes, TechRX offers a 1 year warranty on all Apple repairs and a 6 months warranty for all other brands. Warranty covers parts and labor only on the repaired part if no physical damage or moisture damage has occurred during the warranty period. In the event that there has been any additional damage (including water), jail breaking/unlocking or any third party repairs or tampering, the warranty will be voided.

Questions? Call Our Owner Pete Ferrer at (478) 333-6163